Core Values

Our purpose is to fully devote ourselves to following Jesus and to encouraging those we know and meet to do the same!

We are a group of people who are seeking the Lord together.

We believe the Bible is God's letter to us to tell us of His Son and how to live in today's world. We humbly seek to discover its truths and refuse to subordinate it to ministry or cultural trends.

We are people oriented. We believe that the church is here to help people and the the Lord brings us together so we can encourage one another in Him.

We believe that you and the Lord can best decide how you should use your time and money.

We believe in families and encourage each other to minister to those closest to us before we commit to others, in church or without.

We believe parents are the best source of spiritual training for children, and we seek to assist parents in this greatest of tasks without separating families or usurping parental responsibility.

We believe one of the most powerful witnesses is that of a godly life, and we seek to walk before the Lord and others in humility and honesty.

We believe God can guide us in our expressions of worship, and we seek to encourage but not coerce worship styles and expressions.

We believe in growing together in the love of God, and we hope you will feel welcome to join us.

We believe Jesus wants to do something special for you today.

We believe a true follower of Jesus helps others become true followers of Jesus.

We believe God would have us build people by accomplishing tasks rather than accomplishing tasks by using people.

We believe ministry occurs whenever an individual follower of Jesus uses his gifts or abilities to help others become ture followers of Jesus.

We believe programs and ministries we attempt together should arise from our individual gifts and callings. Corporate programs and ministries should serve and enhance individual ministries, not replace them.

We believe our Christian life should be expressed through meaningful, helpful involvement with our community.